Maine Coon Cat Health Problems  

Maine coon cats are generally healthy and robust felines. But this breed comes with a few health problems which one should watch out for. Out of the many disorders that can affect cats, some of the diseases which are specific and common in this breed of Maine coons are attributed to early breeding. Knowledge of these diseases will assist one in choosing a breeder of cats with fewer problems.

They are affected by Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy which is actually enlargement of the heart. This can be prevented by carefully breeding healthy and hardy cats. They are very prone to dysplasia of the hip by heredity as well. The symptom for this disorder is trouble for the cat in moving about; waddling while walking or appearance of bowed shaped legs.

Polycystic kidney disorder is also another hereditary disease afflicting this breed. A cat with this disorder is more likely to pass it to the litter. In this condition, the cat suffers impairment in the functioning of the kidney causing troubles in the renal system.

Spinal muscular atropy which results in weakening of the muscles is another disorder which appears when the cat is between 12 to 16 weeks old. This will cause severe restriction in the mobility of the cat.

Gum and teeth infection are common which can be prevented by regular care and periodical visits to the vet. This feline has a thick coat which necessitates regular grooming to prevent knotting.

By gathering information on the diseases that can afflict this breed, one can take required caution well in time and enjoy the company of a healthy pet.

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Maine Coon Cat Health Problems




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Maine Coon Cat Health Problems )
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