Siamese Cat Traits

Siamese Cat Traits

Siamese cats make good companions and pets and are gaining popularity in America as the most desired breed for cat lovers as pets. Many traits of this breed have changed over the last three hundred years of its existence but many of the traits are still intact.

This breed has a distinct appearance of the coat. It is usually light and has distinctive points of darker colors on the legs, face and tail. There are variations in the colors of the coat and the points, but the contrast between them still remain.

Originally, this breed had kink in the tail which occurred naturally. With selective breeding by breeders, this has become a rarity these days. The Cat Fanciers’ Association specifies that the breed should have a thin, long and pointed rail.

Siamese cats have special eyes which are blue in color, medium in size and shaped like almonds. The CFA regards presence of cross-eyes as a negative trait. Over the years, selective breeding has enabled removal of this adverse factor as well.

Their tubular body with their hips and shoulders in line give a graceful appearance to the cat. Their coat is short and very soft. This is shed sparingly on brushing.

The average life-span of most breeds of cats is about 12 to 16 years. This can be increased with proper care, inheritance of healthy genes and keeping the cat in-doors.

The Siamese cats have an average life-span of 15 to 20 years. Attempts are made continuously to increase it. This breed still has the longest life compared to most other breeds of cats.

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Siamese Cat Traits