How Do I Know When My Dog Is Ready To Give Birth ?  

If your dog is ready to give birth, you will get a lot of signs. In fact, most of the signs are quite similar to the ones displayed by humans. One of the first signs that you will notice is her poor appetite. When a dog is about to give birth, it will lose interest in its favorite food unlike the enthusiasm that it displayed on other days.

Also, when the dog gets up from the place it was sitting on, you will notice some mucus-like substance. This is nothing but discharge from the vagina, and the quantity of the discharge will increase as labor approaches. This is another way of telling when the dog is ready to give birth.

Besides this, there will be changes in her body too. One obvious change is enlargement of the nipples or teats. This is primarily because the dog's body is getting ready to nurse puppies that are about to be born. Also, the dog's body temperature should be monitored carefully. Just before a dog is ready to give birth, the body temperature falls down a few degrees.

If you notice your dog looking and sniffing at quiet corners in the house or outside, then she ready to go into labor any day. If you notice this behavior, it is advisable to get a box to hold your dog comfortably and line it with a soft quilt or soft thick cloth to help her out a little bit. Make sure that you place the box in a room that is well ventilated. Also, disregard her behavior as she maybe a little angry. If you notice your dog panting, then it is time for the labor to begin.

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How Do I Know When My Dog Is Ready To Give Birth




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How Do I Know When My Dog Is Ready To Give Birth ? )
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