How To Tape Bullmastiff Puppy Ears

How To Tape Bullmastiff Puppy Ears ?

A bullmastiff is a breed of dog that is bred widely in England and the United States. They are the aggressive dogs and can be fierce or ferocious. They are not among the friendliest of breeds. A bullmastiff puppy begins teething at the age of 3 or 4 months. At that time, it folds its ears backwards, but if they continue to do this, then they may fall behind their breed standards. The bull mastiff ears should look somewhat like the British bulldog, and the ears should have a perfect V-shaped top. So every bullmastiff owner should take the effort to tape the ears when they start falling backwards, or else the cartilage supporting the ears may develop in a wrong way.

Some bullmastiff puppies develop their ears naturally in the required shape, but some do not. So, to have your dog's ears drooping backwards will completely spoil the look of the dog. With its ears held up in an erect V makes the bullmastiff look fierce and also live up to its breed standards. If you are planning to take your dog for a dog show, then you should be careful about such things. Also, a bullmastiff is an expensive dog and you better have a good specimen when you spend that kind of money. (See Reference 1) However, one should also know that by not taping the ears there is no harm to the health of the dog and it will still be the same dog that you bought.

There are different techniques that are used to tape the ears of a dog. One of the most common methods followed by bullmastiff owners is the velvet to velvet method. However, there are some people who use a bonnet or weights instead. The tape is left in place for two to three days in all the methods. In the velvet to velvet method you use a velvet cloth that stands stiff and tape it around the ears. If the cloth gets wet, then it has to be replaced. (See Reference 1)

In the bonnet method of taping the ears, the bonnet is placed on the puppy’s head and then the ears are taped to it to stand erect. It is a nuisance for the puppy, but it is only for three or four days that it has to go through with it. After three or four days the tape is carefully removed from the dog’s ear. If the ears are not still standing, then unfortunately you will have to repeat the process all over again. You can also choose to use a different method this time. (See Reference 1)

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