What Is The Largest Breed Of Dog Known To Man ?

What Is The Largest Breed Of Dog Known To Man ?

There are many different breeds of dogs, and each breed is of a different size. However, the largest breed of dog known to man is the English mastiff. This breed originated in England, and is known for its stature and courage.

The English mastiff has a large head that is shaped like a square. The muzzle is short, and it has a characteristic black color around the eyes no matter what the color of the body is. Even the nose is surrounded by black fur. The eyes of the mastiff are either black or hazel in color, and they are quite small compared to the size of the head. The teeth are in the shape of a scissors; while the tail narrows as it reaches the tip. In addition, the masthiff is quite wide and broad.

On an average, the English mastiff is around thirty inches in height when it comes to males, while females are around twenty-seven inches tall. The male weighs a massive sixty-eight to hundred and ten kilos, while the female weighs between fifty-four to ninety-one kilos.

The largest English mastiff that has managed to find its way in the Guinness Book of World Record is Zorba. The dog was thirty-seven inches in height, and had a weight of hundred and fifty-six kilos. From the tip of the tail to the tip of the nose, the dog's length was 8.25 feet.

Although the English mastiff is an imposing dog, it is known for its sweet disposition. It is very protective about its owner, and loves company. The breed makes an excellent guard dog, and if taught to get on with other dogs, it loves to be in their company.

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What Is The Largest Breed Of Dog Known To Man