Which Dog Breed Has The Strongest Jaw  

The strength of a dog's jaw is judged based on the force with which it bites. So, the more pressure the dog exerts while biting, the stronger its jaw is. Also, the pressure is directly proportional to the damage the bite can cause.

For years scientists have been fascinated with the jaw strength of a various breeds. Researchers have discovered that jaw strength varies from one breed to the next, from one dog to the next and from one circumstance to the other. In addition, researchers have also found out that the head size makes a big different when it comes to calculating the strength of a dog's jaw.

So, the question here is which dog breed has the strongest jaw. The National Geographic conducted many tests to figure out which breed has the strongest jaw. As mentioned earlier, the jaw strength is dependent on the power of the bite. While there are a few breeds that can take the top place due to the power or the force they exert while biting, the badge for the strongest jaw goes to the Rottweiler. This assumption is based on scientific tests.

A Rottweiler has a huge head and equally huge jaws. When biting, it can exert a pressure of three hundred and twenty-eight pounds. However, when it comes be being a dangerous dog, the Rottweiler is at the second place after the pit bull.

However, according to many owners, it is the Doberman that has the strongest jaw. A Doberman can exert a pressure of six hundred pounds when biting, but this has not been checked scientifically. Therefore, the Doberman does not have the distinction of being the breed with the strongest jaw.

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Which Dog Breed Has The Strongest Jaw




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