Health Problems Of Beagle Dogs  

Like all other breeds of dogs beagles are also susceptible to various diseases and injuries however there are certain diseases which are quite exclusive to beagles and can become a cause of concern if the symptoms are not noticed seriously in a regular period of time. Beagles are quite known for their lethargic attitude.

You can serve anything on their platter and they will happily finish everything but if you tell them to run and catch a ball they would instead sit quietly and just look at the ball. This is one of the primary reasons for them becoming obese and picking up various ailments. There the pet owners have to be careful about the diet of beagles and they must ensure that their favorite pets exercise regularly.

Another most common health ailment that most of the beagles encounter is the eye problems. The eye problem that they usually contract is popularly known as ‘Cherry Eyes’, or distichiasis. In this condition the eye blows up and turns red like a cherry. It causes irritation resulting in watery eyes. It can be cured by a surgery. Moment one notices any signs of cherry eyes they must get their pets checked by a vet for treatment.

After the eyes come the ears. The floppy ears restrict the flow of air into the ears which results in building up of moisture inside the ears. This moisture is unable to escape outside causing infections of the ear quite often. Therefore, the owners must regularly check the conditions of the ears.

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Health Problems Of Beagle Dogs




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Health Problems Of Beagle Dogs )
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