How Much Should A Beagle Weigh ?  

Beagles are medium or small built dogs that are popular for hunting rabbits, hare and such types of other animals. Their strong smelling sense makes them good hunter dogs. One thing beagles love to do is overindulge in eating. Give them anything, and they will eat it all up. Therefore, they tend to become obese. Beagles should not be allowed to eat more than prescribed otherwise they may create problems for the owners and for itself by getting various kinds of health problems.

This breed of dogs is square in shape possessing a long and domed skull. They normally come in two sizes. Beagles that are below thirteen inches of length should ideally weigh somewhere between 22 and 30 pounds. Those above thirteen inches can weigh from 25 to 35 pounds.

These dogs are known to be greedy beggars for food. Which is quite evident from their round, potted hanging belly. Although they are full of energy and are good hunters but they need regular exercise. If by chance your beagle has somehow crossed the weighing limits then you must consult a vet for knowing the diet program. You must cut down the treats and reduce the quantity of food that you normally serve. Above all, a good exercise regime will help in maintaining the correct weight. The food that they consume should have more of green veggies like steamed or canned beans provide fiber. In order to make them feel full, they can be fed with chowhound. Adding canned pumpkin is also a good idea. Please, do not depend on lite dog foods that are usually available in the market. Instead try and cut their treats.

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How Much Should A Beagle Weigh ?




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How Much Should A Beagle Weigh ? )
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