German Shepherd Dog Agility

German Shepherd Dog Agility

German shepherd is a breed popular for its intelligence, agility, obedience and strong instinct. They exhibit traits such as hostility, aloofness and self-confidence in their demeanor. They are well suited for tracking, rescue, scent trails, watching, and companionship.

These dogs can be trained and exercised for improving their agility for constructive utilization of their energy. This makes them high spirited and happy and still be under control.

Agility exercising will require the canine to use cues from the owner or trainer to successfully complete an obstacle course in good time. The training will be continued till the timing is bettered and then the dog will be ready to compete as well. The marking in such competitions will be for the speed and the accuracy of the dog to finish the obstacle course. The obstacle would include tunnels, ramps, jumps and ramps which are big enough for this breed. The material used for making these obstacles should be non-toxic, sturdy and not injure
the canine.

Training for agility can commence when certain basic commands are mastered and are executed promptly. Some such commands include sitting, lying, coming on being called, staying put in a place, and being comfortable with other dogs and handling by strangers.

Before commencing agility training, the dog will need medical examination to check the health of the eyes, hip and elbow bones by physical examination and X-ray. It is necessary for it to have fully developed bones to avoid injuries.

An instructor’s assistance can be taken for this training which should be a mix of fun and exercise for the pet.

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German Shepherd Dog Agility