Labrador Retriever Growth Charts  

To be a considered as a good owner of a Labrador, you must be regularly referring to the growth chart of Labrador. Labradors are one of those breeds that grow up very fast within a short span of time. Sometimes people do not realize that whether they own a full breed of Labrador or a mixed one. Depending on their size, you can easily determine which breed they have been mixed with. You must know that the English breed weighs less than the American breeds by about 120 lbs.

The male Labradors weigh generally more than the female counterparts. Also, the larger ones possess a longer growth periods as compared to the smaller ones. The weight of a fully grown Labrador is achieved within eleven to fifteen months. At this stage most of the breeds of Labrador weighs approximately 70-80 lbs. By the end of fifteen months, a Labrador puppy who would have weighed around one pound during birth will increase seventy times!

An eight week old Labrador puppy is expected to be about ten pounds and as they reach seven months they should be weighing fifty pounds approximately. Till 26 weeks, they usually grow at the rate of two pounds per week. Once a puppy reaches adulthood, its growth rate starts reducing. Since Labradors grow very fast, more often you would notice them being awkward in getting themselves adjusted to bigger and a stronger stature.

In order to achieve such a growth rate, you must feed your dog well. Because they grow up quickly you must cater for their food requirement which changes at an enormous rate.

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Labrador Retriever Growth Charts




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