Where Did The Name Pit Bull Come From ?  

One may wonder how this breed got the name Pit Bull. One part of the answer is quite simple and rather apparent. However, the other term is little more unclear and vague and is difficult get an answer to.

The "pit" half of the name of this breed is difficult to explain as there appears to be very little information as to how this breed got the first half of its name. However, there seems to be some consensus that this breed could have gotten its name because it was bred to get pitted against other breeds of dogs in the fighting arena.

The "bull" part of the "pit bull" originates from the fact that this breed was very often used to bait bears as well as bulls. Unfortunately, this practice is followed even today in some places. Baiting generally means that one animal is tied up and then it is taunted by means of an external force. Here, the Pit Bull was (and is) used to bait bears or bulls after undergoing training. Unfortunately, the bears or bulls and the Pit Bulls were trained to hate each other on sight. At times, it could become a dangerous situation if the tied animal was let loose and decided to come and attack the dog. However, when the bear or bull was tied, the Pit Bull had the upper hand. Nonetheless, it was a cruel practice that treated all animals involved in an inhumane manner.

So, if you are still wondering where did the name Pit Bull come from, you now have an answer. Yes, it is rather sad and also cruel that this breed has got its name due to inhumane practices humanity has been following for its own entertainment.

Pit bulls are considered to be ferocious dogs because of what people trained them to do. If trained properly and with a lot of love and care, this breed can be loving and also great pets and buddies.

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Where Did The Name Pit Bull Come From ?




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Where Did The Name Pit Bull Come From ? )
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