How Much Does A Toy Poodle Weigh ?  

Toy poodles are the smallest kinds of poodles. These are full of life and look charmingly cute with their thick and curly coats. The ears are long and flat and lie very near to their heads. Their heads are usually elongated and have circular shaped skull. The eyes are shaped like an almond and exhibit alertness. They have extremely sharp teeth. The average height of a toy poodle whether male or female is approximately eleven inches. Their average weight is approximately 6-9 lbs.

This breed of poodle is also known for its intelligence, sensitiveness and alertness. Therefore, trainers find it quite easy to train them. They are lovable for children because of their fun loving and gyrating nature. However, they become quite reserved when they are left with strangers. While training toy poodle owners must ensure that these are being trained from the very early age and lay more importance on less barking. Sometimes, they tend to become timid and end up biting or snapping. Toy poodles get along well with other pets but they should be part of a family where children are not too small.

Regular grooming and bathing is one important aspect each owner should ensure. They must be clipped after each 6 to 8 weeks. Combing and brushing on a daily basis is always suggested because their hair grows at a constant rate. If you neglect this aspect then you will soon notice hair balls accumulating in the coat causing misery to the dog. Ears should also be checked regularly for building up of wax.

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How Much Does A Toy Poodle Weigh ?




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How Much Does A Toy Poodle Weigh ? )
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