When Is A Standard Poodle Full Grown ?  

The standard poodle is believed to have descended from the French water dogs. But, there is still no definite evidence to pinpoint the part of Western Europe where poodles were bred. ‘Poodle’ comes from the German word ’pudel’, meaning ‘one who plays in the water’. This can give a lead to tracing where these poodles were originally bred.

The fully grown poodle weighs almost 40 to 70 pounds and is about 15 to 25 inches in height. These canines are very active, elegant, and intelligent and exhibit an attitude of pride in their stance. They have a square build and their body is well proportioned. The coat is harsh and curly and they have a broad and deep chest. Their muzzle is fairly long, fine and straight. Their teeth can be as sharp in cut as scissors. They are easily trained and their grooming can be both versatile and varying.

The poodles try to be smarter than their owners. They show maturity in their behavior after about 3 years of age. Since they are extremely energetic and active, they need exercising few times in a day. Their favorite routines include fetching and going for walks. A standard poodle will require almost 30 minutes of play time 2 times in a day. Although they are easy to train for obedience, some poodles can be stubborn and will require undergoing refresher training course.

The standard poodle reaches adulthood by the age of two. While the lifespan of a standard poodle is almost fourteen years, the toy or miniature poodle lives for almost twenty years.

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When Is A Standard Poodle Full Grown ?




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When Is A Standard Poodle Full Grown ? )
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