How To Clip A Schnauzer ?

How To Clip A Schnauzer ?

Standard Schnauzers are dogs which are medium-sized having long neck, high and pointed ears and a tail which is half-docked with a denser lower coat than the upper coat which has short wiry hair.

Clipping is done using a blade of size 10. A very hard or very thin coat requires blade sized 7 and shortening requires blade size 15. The blade can be kept closer to the coat for a short cut. One should begin at the top of the head and move backwards towards the tail; work downwards along the rib-cage and reach up in line with the elbows; and finally move in a straight diagonal to where the rear legs and loin meet while leaving some hair uncut at the bottom of the loin to avoid a tucked up look.

The hair on the outer side of the legs can be cut in a downward direction after folding the fringe on the left towards the inner thigh just till the top of the Achilles tendon.

The hair on the tail is cut along the direction of the growth, while that under the tail is cut against the growth with a 10 sized blade.

The rear legs are lifted to clip the hair around the vulva till reaching short of the legs by 1 to 1.5 inches.

The hair on the neck is cut to about 2 finger length above the elbow. The hair is clipped downward from the throat to about 1 to 2 inches below the posternum. Thinning shears can be used for blending the clipped hair with the unclipped one for evenness.

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How To Clip A Schnauzer ?