How To Clip A Shih Tzu ?  

Grooming a Shih Tzu is fairly simple if one can imagine how the puppy should appear post grooming. The hair like coat is easy to clip with scissors or clippers.

Firstly, the Shih Tzu will have to be bathed and dried. The coat will have to be brushed to remove knots. If the puppy is intended for participation in dog shows, one can leave he coat uncut. But, if the owner requires easy maintenance, it is better to clip the coat. A puppy cut, by keeping the length of the coat to about 1 or 2 inches over the entire body, is popular. If one uses clippers, it should be ensured that they have guards. It is considered safer if the clipper has a comb which will snap. The coat should not be shortened too much unless there are apparent knots. Scissors can also be used in place of the clippers.

The clipping should be commenced from the end of the tail and progressed towards the neck. Most people prefer to have an even trim. Some also like to keep the length of the hair longer on the legs than the body for a better puppy look. The hair below the tail and stomach tend to get frequently knotted. These areas need shorter clipping.

Clip the hair from the bridge of the nose outward towards the eyes carefully. The moustache and the beard should be trimmed to the required length. Hair on the top of the head and above the ears can be left long. The hair between the paws can be clipped at the time of clipping the nails.

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How To Clip A Shih Tzu ?




Shih-Tzu-Grooming-Cuts      The Shih Tzu is a small sized dog which has two coats, the outer and the inner coat which is not shed. The outer coat is soft and silky while the inner coat cottony. The hair requires grooming everyday since the outer hair has the tendency of getting tangled with the inner coat. More..




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How To Clip A Shih Tzu ? )
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