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Where To Buy A Pet Ferret ?

Owning a ferret as a pet is a relatively novel craze amongst animal lovers in the United States. The trend seems to have gained momentum around the ending decade of the 20th century. Ferret is an immensely amiable and wise mammal. Keeping it as a pet, may not be a very cheap bargain, but can definitely be an enjoyable experience.More...

How Long Do Ferrets Live ?

How Long Do Ferrets Live

Ferret is another animal in the category of domesticated mammals such as dogs and cats. The history of domestication of this mammal rates back to about 2500 years ago. Their coat is essentially black, brown or white in color and the male is slightly larger in size in comparison to the female. The animal loves its sleep and is found snoring for almost 14 to 18 hours in a day.

Catch them during the hours of dawn or dusk if you wish to observe them in an active state! The animal is well known for its remarkable personality and high IQ potential, which happens to be greater than dogs or cats. The breed knows exactly how to wriggle out of any difficult situation and does not shirk from taking on challenges and overpowering them. Thanks to their high gray matter, training ferrets is a rather effortless task.More...


What Do Ferrets Eat ?

What Do Ferrets Eat

Keeping a dog or cat as a pet does not necessarily call for excessive consultation or thought process as the domestication of these animals has been a regular norm over the ages. However, the same may not be true for a ferret. A mammal hailing from the Mustelidae family, a ferret is known to be sharing its genes with otters, weasels and polecats.

The domestication of ferrets is a relatively new fad, ranging back to the latter years of the 20th century. Today, many in the US have them as pets. The dietary habits of a ferret are not as simple as many other pets and therefore require special knowledge and thick billing!More...


Why Do Ferrets Bite ?

Why Do Ferrets Bite

Ask any ferret owner and they will definitely acquaint you with the truth that ferrets do bite indeed! And why not, if nature has endowed the animal with such superior carnassials then it will certainly utilize the same for communication and protection. However, having said this, it is also important to understand that this fact does not mean that ferrets should be slotted with other carnivorous animals having dangerous instincts.

Always remember the golden rule that no animal, no matter how dangerous in appearance, bites without a reason. Ferrets are no different. Acquiring an insight to the reasons of its biting can certainly aid in reducing the behavior. The mammal is known to resort to biting due to reasons such as playful interactions, exploration and self defense.More...