Atlantic Ocean Fish  

The world map exhibits presence of five major oceans namely; the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean stands to be the second largest in its vastness after the Pacific Ocean. The countries adjoining the Atlantic owe a chunk of their economic growth to the ocean. The Atlantic has paved way for transportation and communication in the area. The sedimentary rocks of the continental shelves are rich in petroleum and if these resources were not enough, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean have proved to be the world’s most abounding fishing reserve.

Prolific areas in this respect include the Newfoundland's Grand Banks, the Nova Scotia shelf, Georges Bank off Cape Cod, the Bahamas Banks, the waters surrounding Iceland, the Irish Sea, the Dogger Bank of the North Sea and the Falkland Banks.

Some of the fish found abundantly in the Atlantic waters include cod, haddock, hake, herring and mackerel. Eel, lobster, and whales are also seen commonly in the ocean. Some of the other fishes found in the Atlantic Ocean include Atlantic salmon, anchovy, gray flounder, Senegal jack, scup, hardhead catfish, blue runner, black drum, yellow goatfish, nursehound, red drum, yellow tail snapper and West African ladyfish.

However, in recent years, environmental pollution seems to be posing a major threat to the survival of aquatic life. There are several initiatives that are being taken to reduce the danger by limiting the threat due to oil spills, marine debris and toxic wastes in the waters.

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Atlantic Ocean Fish




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