What Do Fish Eat ?

What Do Fish Eat ?

Fish is a cold blooded aquatic vertebrate. Its streamlined body shows the presence of gills, fins and scales, all of which aid the organism to swim and live in water. Fish live in varied types of water bodies, ranging from oceans to seas to rivers and streams.

Owing to the vast variety of fish found in these waters, it is impossible to slot any one type of food forming the diet of the species. Nevertheless, food preferences of fish can be outlined in totality. Herbivorous and omnivorous fish eat algae for their survival. Of these, the ones that are specifically herbivorous eat only algae and sea grass, while the omnivorous varieties eat macro algae and crustaceans. Certain omnivorous fish such as Angel fish eat sponges.

Omnivorous varieties living at the bottom of the ocean eat worms, small fish, crustaceans and all other edible things found at the bottom of the waters. Detritus that is the solid waste excretion of fish together with organic matter forms the food of many species. Many fish feed on plankton which encompasses various kinds of fishes, shrimps, copepods, mysids and amphipods.

Fish can also be categorized on the basis of their diet. In this respect, fish feeders are those species that eat other fish; crustacean feeders feed on shrimps and crabs; generalized invertebrate feeders consume small invertebrates such snails, sea urchins, worms, star fishes, and sedentary organisms such as oral polyps and clams; and finally the parasite pickers prefer parasites of other fish as their diet. Apart from these generalizations, researchers have identified the specific food preferences of certain popular fish as well. Sharks eat seals, smaller fish and plankton. They are also known to consume their own species. Dolphins are especially fond of eating squids and mackerels. The food preference of salmons alters with age. While the younger salmons like small invertebrates and zoo plankton; the older varieties feed on krills, herrings and other small fish.

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What Do Fish Eat