What Do Koi Fish Symbolize ?

What Do Koi Fish Symbolize ?

If you have a pond in your garden, then you might want to enhance its beauty by introducing koi fish into it. Not only are the fish beautiful to look at, they also tend to live long. In fact, koi fish has been used symbolically in paintings, in home décor and in designs of fabrics to signify many things and traits.

You may be wondering what do koi fish symbolize. For this you will have to go to Far East to China and Japan. In these two countries, koi fish symbolizes determination against all odds and strength of character to fight when things are down and out. It also symbolizes the strength possessed by a man, but can be used to refer to women too.

There are many legends in the East that highlight the symbolic strength displayed by the koi fish. One such legend is that of the Dragon Gate. In this legend, a koi fish swims against the current till it comes face to face with a cascading waterfall. This final hurdle has to be overcome in order for the fish to reach its destination. So, the fish decides to overcome the waterfall by leaping high into the air. When the koi fish overcomes the last obstacle in its path, it turns into magnificent dragon.

Koi fish also symbolizes being independent and not conforming to rules and regulations, or doing things that are not thought possible. Let us go back to the legend of the Dragon Gate -- the fact that the fish decided to swim against the current, something that most people would think is impossible, shows that it acted against the norms and beliefs that others held.

Another symbolism of koi fish is going beyond expectation. This symbolism can once again be drawn from the legend of the Dragon Gate where the fish swims against the current and overcomes the cascade -- something that was not expected of it. And, therefore, it performs beyond expectation.

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What Do Koi Fish Symbolize