What Kind Of Fish Do The Pink Dolphins Eat ?

What Kind Of Fish Do The Pink Dolphins Eat ?

The pink dolphin inhabits the murky waters of the Amazon River and Orinoco River. It is a freshwater marine mammal that eats primarily fish. The pink dolphin is equipped with a sonar that allows it to hunt its prey in waters where the visibility is very poor.

It has a long and curved beak which it uses very effectively to dig out its prey from under the branches of sunken trees or the bottom of the river. Using its sonar mechanism, the dolphin first locates its prey, and then it makes a sudden move to capture the prey.

As the pink dolphin mostly eats bony fish, it has adaptations to help it. The outer body of the dolphin is covered with tough skin, and it has sharp teeth in the front of its beak catching its prey and holding it tight. The teeth at the back of the jaw are used to crush the prey.

One of the favorite foods of the pink dolphin is the catfish, which is found in abundance in the water that the dolphin inhabits. Once the catfish is caught and crushed, the dolphin will swallow it without making any effort to chew. However, once it has digested the food, the pink dolphin is known to thrown up any part that has not been digested and also bones.

If you are still wondering what the pink dolphin eats, then the answer is fish. This species of dolphin is not particular about what it eats. As long as it swims in the murky waters of the river, it is food.

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What Kind Of Fish Do The Pink Dolphins Eat