Freshwater Fish Compatibility Guide

Freshwater Fish Compatibility Guide

When you are purchasing different kinds of fish, you should be aware that whether they all are compatible to each other. Also, if you already have freshwater fish in the tank, then before getting new species of fresh water fish you must ascertain that whether it will be compatible with the existing one. Sometimes, it may happen that because of the incompatibility, the fish do not get along with one another and end up harming each other.

Freshwater fish can be classified into various compatibility groups. These groups have been made based on their capacity to get on with each other. The four groups in which they have been classified are the Community fish, Tetras, Semi-aggressive groups and the Aggressive groups. Let us find out how these fishes get along in each group.

Community Fish - This group includes almost all kinds of small tropical fish like neon tetras, white clouds, guppies, corydoras, small plecostamus, ghost shrimp and the rasboras. All these fish thrive in small as well as large groups, and also in aquariums that have mixed species of fishes. These fish can coexist in an environment where the water is warm and there is a minimum space of 15 gallons.

Tetras - This group includes larger fishes such as swordtails, danios, mollies, platies, larger tetras like black skirts, serape, red eye, painted and black neon tetras. These fish get well along with the same members of fish.

Semi-aggressive group - This group includes gouramis, barbs, sharks, loaches, angelfish and the eels. These semi-aggressive fish generally get along well with each other if there is ample space and there are no territory problems. These fish would need almost a space of about 29 gallons in the tank in order to live peacefully.

Aggressive group - The famous Cichlids belong to this group. These carnivorous fish are known to naturally feed on other small fish. Oscars and the huge Cichlids are only compatible with each other or with aggressive or semi-aggressive groups. New world Cichlids, Texas, pink convicts, fire-mouth, Jack Dempsey all the varieties get along well.

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Freshwater Fish Compatibility Guide