How To Tell The Sex Of Angelfish ?  

If you want to find out the sex of an angel fish, you have to watch them spawning. Male and female can be distinguished by this sure shot method. When a male angel fish spawns, its sexual organ is almost like a tip of a pencil. It is very small and thin tube, while when a female angelfish spawns, it has a comparatively thicker and larger tube.

This tube is situated in between the ventral and anal fins. For the experienced breeder, there are many other ways of detecting sex of angelfish but they are never completely correct. It is extremely difficult to detect sex of very small angelfish.

Another method of finding out their sex is by checking the gap connecting pectoral fins and the anal fin. If you do not know where the pectoral fins are located, look them below the gills. These are presented as 2 narrow ones. And, the anal fin is located exactly in front of the tail. When the gap is nearly horizontal, it means that it is a male; and if the gap is little angled, then, perhaps, it is a female. You may also be able to detect the sex if you notice the bottom of the fish. A narrow and small bottom is probably a male and a bigger and wider will be a female.

Usually breeders use all these methods in combination to determine the sex of an angelfish. For the most authenticated results, check when these fish are breeding. The male will have a small pointed tube from where the eggs are released, whereas the female have larger and wider tubes.

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How To Tell The Sex Of Angelfish ?




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How To Tell The Sex Of Angelfish ? )
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