Best Food For Cichlids

Best Food For Cichlids

Cichlids fish require special diet with added nutrients in order to keep them in good health. Listed below are various options that you can give to Cichlids for getting the best results.

Best Food for Cichlids:

Hikari Cichlids Excel - This one is meant for all herbivorous Cichlid fish. The pellets contain vitamins, minerals, wheat germ and spirulina. This serves as a complete balanced food for the vegetarian Cichlids.

Tetra Cichlids Food Sticks - These are excellent alternatives to feeder fish. Few varieties of Cichlids such as Oscars, Convicts and Fire mouths need huge amount of meat. For them, this brand of food is perfect.

Hikari Cichlid Complete - This is appropriate for routine diet of Cichlids. It is especially formulated using color enhancers, Vitamin C, amino acids, salmon, milt and wheat germ. These are available in the stores in 2 sizes.

Hikari Cichlids Gold Food - This is an outstanding general use pellets that is usually accepted by all varieties of Cichlids. In stores, it is available in 4 sizes. Carotene is added externally to enhance the color of the fish. These pellets do not sink in the water easily and for Cichlids who do not want to come to the surface to have their meals, it is very difficult to feed them.

Hikari Cichlids Staple Food - This is almost similar to the Hikari Gold variety except it lacks color enhancers. It is also one of the top quality pellets that is available in different sizes and does not turn the water cloudy.

Wardley Cichlids T.E.N - This variety costs less, but it does not mean that is less quality wise. These pellets have shrimp, spirulina, vitamins and natural color enhancers. It is available in 2 sizes. The only disadvantage is that this variety is mostly not stocked in the stores like other brands.

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Best Food For Cichlids