How Long Do Cichlids Live ?  

The Cichlids are available in different varieties. All these different varieties are classified into three categories, namely African, Central North American and South American. Cichlids are quite popular with hobbyists because of their variety of body shapes and brilliant colors. Some other fish that are included in this category are angelfish, discus, convict cichlids and the Oscar fish.

In order to care for these fish properly, it is very essential to provide them the exact environment that they are used to. The first thing to do is search for an appropriate fish tank that has an ideal filtration system, right temperature and perfect pH level. In addition, all other breeding conditions should also be present.

It is very difficult to exactly pin point that how long Cichlid survives. An Internet research has given results which vary from few months to as much as fifteen years, all based on the size of the fish. One may confer from these results that the average lifespan is directly proportional to their size. If cared properly, Oscar and Green terrors have been known to survive for more than ten years.

The other few factors that affect the lifespan of Cichlids are living conditions, variety of species and the kind of care given. The most common variety mbuna in the Malawi Lake under all ideal conditions would be expected to survive for at least six to eight years. A rare species known as Frontosa can even survive for more than fifteen years.

It is commonly believed that Cichlids survive longer than any other type of fish. This is the reason that they are one of the most expensive fish. Treat your Cichlid properly, so that they can survive their full life.

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How Long Do Cichlids Live ?




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How Long Do Cichlids Live ? )
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