How Do Goldfish Have Babies ?  

Goldfish begin to mate when it attains its full sexual maturity somewhere around its second year. The process of mating and producing new offspring is termed as spawning. During spawning, a male goldfish follows and swims behind the female goldfish for many hours. The spawning can seem to be a very easy phenomenon provided the temperature of the water is ideal and the male to female ratio is also proper.

You would be surprised to know that how important it is to have an appropriate water temperature for the breeding to take place. Once the water temperature is around 10 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius goldfish prefer to breed. However, the ideal temperature is twenty degree Celsius. The breeders generally wait for the water to reach that temperature or at times they need some alternative arrangements to bring the water to a required temperature. Goldfish mostly breed in the early hours of the morning.

Successful breeding is also proportional to the ratio of the male fish to the female fish in the tank. An ideal situation would be where the ratio is maintained at 3 males to 2 females. At the same time, you should keep in mind that the tank should not be overcrowded. It will otherwise lead to deficiency of oxygen. Make sure that there is at least 15 gallons of water at any point of time in the tank. Once the spawning begins, the female will release the eggs. On being released, the eggs are then fertilized by the male that was chasing the female. These eggs are fertilized by spreading milt on them. In its prime time, a female goldfish is has the ability to release thousands of eggs during mating.

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How Do Goldfish Have Babies ?




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How Do Goldfish Have Babies ? )
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