How To Cook Eels ?  

The eels, especially the freshwater variants, are eaten by many human beings. But, the eels should be washed thoroughly and cooked in a particular way to avoid taking in any other fresh water or salt water particles in them, which might prove harmful for our bodies.

A popular form of cooking eels is to boil them. Before starting to cook them, they should be dressed first and then washed well in cold water. Then the eels should be boiled in a kettle with a pinch of salt and bay leaves for fifteen to twenty minutes. The cooked eel can be served with garnishing of sprigs of curled, green parsley and mayonnaise sauce.

Another way to cook eel is to make a stew out of it. For this, the same procedure of dressing and cleaning is to be undertaken like that of boiled eels. Then the eels should be dried, cut in to three or four pieces and put into a deep skillet or stew pan with enough cold water to just cover the fish. Then it should be boiled for about fifteen minutes along with other ingredients like bay leaves, powdered mace, salt, ground black pepper and some cider vinegar. Next, a tablespoonful of brown flour is to be mixed with a couple of ounces of fresh butter in the skillet.

Now, as the butter starts to melt, some of the water in which the eels are cooking should be mixed with it and let to boil till a creamy mixture is formed. Stir it back with the fish, add a dash of crushed baked Rusk and serve. Eels are also eaten by frying them in a deep pan with fresh butter.

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How To Cook Eels ?




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