What Do Eels Eat ?  

Eels are a kind of long and stout looking fish, commonly found in the freshwaters of New Zealand. These eels have a peculiar life cycle that involves the larvae being born in ocean water and then traveling to freshwater to pass their adolescence and then returning back to the ocean, where they spawn and perish.

During the various stages of their active life, eels encounter different types of species. But what the eels actually eat is the “live” food. Eels are basically of two types, based on their external appearances. They are long fin eels and the short fin eels. The young long fin eels hunt on insect larvae, water snails and worms. As they mature, their primary food becomes fish. They also feed on fresh water crayfish and small birds, such as ducklings, when they swim up to the water surface.

The eels generally begin hunting their prey by night. During the day, they take refuge under the boulders or rocks in the river. The eels have an uncanny sense of smell, so much that they use this sensation to hunt for their food rather than their vision. This is due to the presence of a tube nostril, above their upper lip. They devour their prey using their large mouth, dotted with small but sharp and white teeth. Thus, eels bred in artificial environment like large aquariums; need to be constantly provided with such insects and worms to keep them healthy.

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What Do Eels Eat ?




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