How Do Sharks Sleep ?  

Sleep is one aspect that still remains a mystery to the scientists as it has been really difficult for them even to make out what sleep actually is and why creatures need to sleep regularly. There have been several speculations and debates over the same but then again no such explanations can be claimed.

Though sufficient amount of information is available regarding the various creatures and their sleeping patterns, when it comes to sharks, their sleeping patterns again are very mysterious or strange.

It is still unclear whether the sharks sleep or not but there have been several speculation regarding this fact that they rest motionlessly in caves and that is, thus, they are known as sleeping sharks. Sharks need keeping water moving over the gills they have in order to get the required amount of oxygen. Some of them are required doing this while others can stay without it. But be it any of these ways, sharks like any other marine animal do not fall asleep the way we all do. Rather than experiencing deep sleep like human beings, sharks seem getting involved into sleep swimming where their brain parts are less active or say in resting condition while they remain swimming throughout. There are possibilities that the brain parts may get shut in certain sequence which ultimately leads to sleep walking.

It is very obvious to judge when a human being is sleeping but in case of sharks, it is next to impossible to make out whether a shark is sleeping or not as even if they are sleeping, they tend to move and swim which makes one think that they are awake.

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How Do Sharks Sleep ?




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