Different Types Of Guinea Pigs

Different Types Of Guinea Pigs

Although this animal is called a guinea pig, it has no connection whatsoever with a pig. It is a type of rodent that many people keep as a pet. Guinea pig is a native of South America and is found in the Andes. However, they have been domesticated way back in 5000 BC. This has led to development of many different types of guinea pigs as people want to keep these cute looking rodents as pets.

There are many types of guinea pigs that one can keep as pets. Their differentiation is based on the type of fur they have and the color of the fur. The most commonly kept guinea pig is the English short haired guinea pig. However, there are many more breeds that make fantastic pets. Some of the different types of guinea pigs are as follows:

English Short Haired Guinea Pig: This breed is also referred to as American short haired guinea pig. It has short and smooth fur that is glossy in appearance. It comes in many varieties of colors and combinations. This breed has a wide and curved nose and the circumference of the shoulder and the hip is the same.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig: Many people call this breed Aby for short. This breed has rosettes of hair that tend to form circles around the body. Usually this breed will have around 8 to 10 rosettes and you will find 2 on the shoulders, 4 on the back, 1 on each side of the hip and 2 on the bottom. The fur is coarse.

Peruvian Guinea Pig: This breed has long hair and the fur can grow to a massive length of fifty centimeters all over the body. The fur is thick, straight and automatically parts along the spine from head to the rump.

Silkie Guinea Pig: This breed is also known as Sheltie, and is a long haired guinea pig breed similar to the Peruvian. However, in this breed, the fur does not fall on the face. Rather the growth is backwards and grows away from the face. The fur is soft and shiny when compared to the Peruvian guinea pig.

The other types of guinea pig include the Rex, Teddy, Texel, Coronet, Crested and also a hairless breed.

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Different Types Of Guinea Pigs