Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite ?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite ?

It is quite rare for an owner to complain that their pet guinea pig is biting them. Usually it has been seen that guinea pigs tend to nibble. This is a form of communication and is seen more often in babies as they are in the process of learning and also seeing how far they can go. But there could be instances when a guinea pigs bite. So, you should know Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite ?.

Usually guinea pigs will bite when they are stressed out, afraid or comfortable in some way. It is quite possible that the owner is not handling them correctly and the guinea pigs may bite to show this. Also, sometimes, guinea pigs tend to bite when they are being held for a long time. They may nip at your clothes or fingers as a way to show you that they need to use the toilet. Therefore, it is advisable that guinea pigs should not be held for more than 10 minutes to 15 minutes in one go.

Sometimes, the biting can be accidental. The guinea pig may not really want to bite you, but ends up doing so. This is usually seen when they are being fed. In this case, the biting is in anticipation of getting something tasty to eat. When you hand feeding the guinea pigs, they may nip your fingers while trying to get to the food. So, always make sure that you wash your hands before hand feeding your guinea pigs. This way they will not mistake your fingers for food!

Guinea pigs can get mites and when you are stroking them, the bites of the mites can be painful. Even under these circumstances guinea pigs may bite you in order to stop you from stroking, and therefore, the pain.

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Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite