What Do Rats Hate ?

What Do Rats Hate ?

There are about 80 species of rats belonging to the genus Rattus. Out of these the most common varieties often seen around in homes as well are the brown and black rats. The brown rat is also called the Norway rat, common rat and wharf rat. The black variant of this mammal known as the ship rat, roof rat and house rat is considered more dangerous as it is believed to be the carrier of the Bubonic Plague. For the same reason the plague is also referred to as the Black Death.

However, the presence of any of these varieties can be extremely annoying in the household premises. They are extremely destructive and removing them from the house is quite a task as they tend to crawl and hide in the smallest of spaces. Their most favorable venue is underneath floor boards but you may find them even at greater heights such as the attic.

The life span of a rat is approximately 18 months but most do not go beyond the 1 year milestone. They utilize their potential of smell, taste, touch and sound to locate food that you may have hidden in any corner of the house. Food surveyed by these rodents is a waste as they are known to contaminate food and spread diseases. The teeth of this mammal are so strong that it can gnaw on anything that comes its way such as glass, cinderblock, wire, aluminum and lead. It is this characteristic of rats that slots them in the menace category as they are voracious eaters and consume almost anything under the sun, be it food product or other valuable material. There are certain ways in which one can possibly safeguard the house against the entry of this rodent. It is believed that rats are averse to the odor and taste of cayenne, pepper, peppermint and ammonia. Therefore, the entry and exit of rats can be barred with these products.

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What Do Rats Hate