How To Build Horse Stalls

How To Build Horse Stalls ?

If you own horses, then having horse stalls is imperative. The stalls will protect your horses from the elements and also provide a place for them to live in. Also, placing horses in stalls stops them from injuring one another and helps them to learn patience. If you do not have horse stalls for your horses, you can build your own. Not only will it save you money, it will also give you a lot of satisfaction and pleasure.

So, how to build horse stalls? There are steps that need to be followed in order to build the stalls correctly and perfectly. Use the following steps to build your own horse stalls.

First of all, begin will placing the corner posts into the ground. There should be 2 posts measuring 4 inches X 4 inches X 12 feet. Place the posts 12 feet apart. Once this is done, it is time to begin making the wall using the 2 corner posts. For the wall, you will need boards measuring 2 inches X 10 inches X 12 feet. Start nailing these boards to the corner posts. Begin from the bottom and move upwards. Ensure that there are no gaps between the boards. Once you have finished the wall, you can use the same process to make the other side of the wall using 2 more corner posts and boards to make the second wall.

In order to attaché the stalls to the beams or walls that are already present, you can make use of lag screws. These screws should 3.5 inches in length.

In order to make the front of the horse stall, you will have to place 3 posts into the ground. The posts should measure 4 inches X 4 inches X 12 feet, and they should placed four feet from each other. The front of the stall will also have the door and window to facilitate feeding. Once the front 3 posts are firmly placed in the ground, take 1 board measuring 2 inches X 10 inches X 12 feet. Nail the board right on top across the 3 posts. Thereafter, the remaining boards should be sawed into half. You will require 5 boards that are eight feet in length and the rest have to be four feet in length.

The boards that are eight feet in length should be nailed to the bottom of the left and center posts. You will be using all the 5 boards for this purpose. Now you will have a window that can be used for feeding the horse. Thereafter, erect the front wall of the stall and then fix it to the already constructed side walls. You can use 3.5 inches lag screws for this purpose. Once you finish doing this, it is time to make a frame for the door. This can be done with the 4 feet boards that you kept aside earlier. The door should have 2 parts to it so that the bottom part can be closed when desired. The door should be fixed to the frame using heavy-duty hinges. Finally, fix a slide bolt to the door.

Then check that there are no sharp edges or exposed nails. These can injure your horses. Once you are satisfied, your horse stall is ready. Similarly, you can make several horse stalls and save yourself tons of money.

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