How To Kill Horned Beetles

How To Kill Horned Beetles ?

Horned beetles are unfortunately quite destructive and are known to bore holes in wood. This kills the plant from the inside. These beetles are not native to the US, but have managed to find their way into the country. Today, horned beetles are pests that should be killed before they kill a tree.

Here are some tips on how to kill horned beetles that you will find very useful:

  • Whenever you see a horned beetle on any of the trees in your garden, immediately remove it. This has to be done manually. Then just step on them to kill them. (See Reference 1) You can even drown them in soapy water if you like.
  • If you notice holes in your tree, bring out your vacuum cleaner. Put the hose against the holes and then switch on the vacuum cleaner. This will suck out the beetles from the tree. (See Reference 1) Then drown the horned beetles that you have sucked out in soapy water, or just stamp all over them.
  • Generally, larvae of the horned beetle are difficult to kill using the aforementioned methods. Hence, it is best to spray the affected tree with a fumigant. Ensure that the fumigant contains paradichlorobenzene and ethylene dichloride. This will kill the larvae of the beetles. Other fumigants or chemicals without these two ingredients are not effective in getting ride of the larvae. (See Reference 1)
  • To ensure that the beetles do not invade other uninfected trees in your garden, you chop down the affected tree. Thereafter, burn the chopped down tree if it is permitted by the local laws. The chopped down tree would first have to be put through a wood chipper. Ensure that you collect all the debris to burn. The burning will get rid of the beetles and the larvae. (See Reference 1) If you are uncomfortable cutting down the infected tree on your own, then hire a professional to do it for you and put the tree through a wood chipper.

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