Getting Rid Of Ants Naturally

Getting Rid Of Ants Naturally

Ants being the pesky insects love to enter homes and make a nest. Insecticides available to kill ants contain chemicals that are harmful on exposure for children and pets as well leave chemical residue on the premises.

Natural remedies to get rid of the ants include some of the following tips:

Tartar cream can be used by applying at the entry sites of ants in your home, or on other entry ports like ant mounds.

Tartar cream can be mixed with vinegar which forms and effective and strong ant remover. This mixture is potent and can be applied on the entry sites.

Orange oil is also an ant remover, when mixed with molasses and water. Mix 4 quarts of water with equal parts of orange oil and molasses and then pour the mixture onto the ant mound. Make sure that the mixture reaches inside the mound for it to be effective. This will get rid of the ants naturally.

Pepper the ants with a pepper shaker, because ants hate all kinds of pepper including cayenne.

Mint oil can be dropped on the ants to drive them away.

Sprinkling of talcum powder is a good idea to remove ants.

Cucumber skins contain a substance disliked by ants. Therefore, these can be placed over the ant’s ports.

Have sure your home is ant-proof. For this, you would have to dispose all the trash out of the home after meals.

Place recycling bins and outdoor trash far from home. This will ensure that ants do not find their way into your home.

Food items in kitchen should be tightly wrap and stored in kitchen counters. In summer climate, place all unpreserved food like fruits and veggies in refrigerator. Pools of stagnant water from the kitchen countertop should be wiped, so that they do not attract thirsty ants.

Cracks have to be sealed by using 100 percent silicone caulk, which is the least toxic. Ants often make their way into homes through tiny cracks in the walls and floor. Sprinkle paprika, powdered chili pepper, borax or dried peppermint or borax on cracks, ant trails, and ports to stop the ants from moving further.

Honeydew, a sugary treat for ants, is excreted by the sap-feeding insects like aphids, mealy bugs and whiteflies. Hence, remove them from your garden. The best way is to have natural predators, like ladybirds, to eat these garden pests, or you can get rid of plants that attract insects that produce honeydew.

Ants climb up trunks and stems to feed, therefore; paint or spray a sticky barrier made out of tangle foot products on their way.

Mixture of 2 1/2 fluid ounces corn syrup / honey and 1 tsp. boric acid forms the liquid bait. Heat it until the acid dissolves. Take an eye dropper, and equal quantity of water to drop this on ant mounds for two weeks.

Blend citrus peelings with water (the natural repellant), and pour it on the anthill.

Boiling water, about 3 gallons per mound, should be poured on the cracks and mounds to drown ants in the anthill itself.

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