How Long Can An Ant Survive Underwater ?  

Ants are one of the most interesting creatures on earth. The precision with which they work and the amount of coordination involved has made them an absolute marvel in the animal kingdom. They are one of the most primitive creatures and lived for more than a hundred million years now. They are largely omnivorous and have a lifespan of 45 to 60 days. They feed on fruits, seeds and honeydew.

Each colony has a queen ant, worker ants and soldier ants. They are differently colored depending on the type of work they do! The yellow colored ants are engaged in cleaning the area while the orange ants are responsible for caring and nurturing the younger ones. Worker ants are also involved in keeping a separate area for storing garbage and other dead ants. As can be seen, these little creatures are extremely well organized and hygienic!

Ants prefer dry areas. However, their body systems are designed to endure floods and damp areas for a stipulated period of time. The lesser the water temperature, the higher is the chances of their survival. This is because they perform lesser amount of work if the water temperature is cooler. This way they are storing up more amount of energy and increasing their chances of survival. When underwater, they close the spiracles present on their abdomen. These structures help the ants to respire. By closing these spiracles, the ants prevent water from entering their internal system. This modification will not work for a prolonged time. The ants have to find a drier area as soon as they possibly can.

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How Long Can An Ant Survive Underwater ?




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How Long Can An Ant Survive Underwater ? )
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