Types Of Household Ants

Types Of Household Ants

Many species of ants are household pests. They live in organized communities and are known as social insects. The best way to control them is by knowing about them and identifying them. With as many as 12,400 species of ants it is a good idea to know about some common house hold species of ants.

Carpenter Ants
They live in the wooden beams of houses. They do not feed on wood like the termites but cause structural damage by chewing tunnels in wood only to make nesting space. The queen is black in color and the workers are large black or brown in color. They have large head and small thoraxes. The adults have small heads and large thoraxes.

Pharaoh Ants
They are junk food lovers. The workers are usually very small in size and are light yellow to reddish brown in color with a darker abdomen and have twelve segments in the antennae. They can ingest a variety of junk food like honey, corn syrup, soft drinks, jelly, peanut butter etc. They love junk so much that they were even found in the IV glucose solution in a hospital.

Thief Ants
They are similar to pharaoh ants and hard to differentiate from them. They are very small and steal food from larger ant groups and escape from small tunnels so that the latter cannot follow them. They are pale yellow to dark brown in color.

Little Black Ants
This is the most common house ant and eats anything and everything in the kitchen. They make their nests in the wood or masonry. The workers are slender and shiny black in color. They have 12 segmented antennae and 3 segmented club.

Acrobat Ants 
They are named so because they show unusual acrobatic movements when disturbed. It intrudes in a house for food. The workers have distinguished heart shaped abdomen and is light brownish yellow in color. They have a pair of spines situated on their thorax and a 2 node petioles on the abdomen.

Crazy Ants
They love to eat the dead remains of insects and animal. They wander randomly in a room and hence the name given. Workers are dark brown to black with a 1 node petiole. It has unevenly rounded thorax and fringe of hair on the abdomen.

Odorous Ants 
These ants give a foul smell when crushed and thus the name given. They are dark brown to black, shiny, with an uneven thorax. They love to feed on sweets.

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