How Long Can A Cockroach Live Without A Head ?  

Cockroaches can be quite repulsive to those who hate multi-legged creatures running around. If you find one moving its legs without a head, you would surely be surprised if you are a wildlife enthusiast and shocked if you are an insect hater. These creatures can survive for many weeks without their heads. Wondering how? Read on.

Unlike humans who have a blood pressure and depend on the brain for performing every single activity, cockroaches do not have any complex mechanism or brain formation. When they are decapitated, they have a very effective clotting mechanism that seals off the surface immediately.

Even without the head, cockroaches can simply lie around in a given place for weeks. These insects have an open circulatory system. This means they need not worry about falling blood pressure or excessive bleeding. Cockroaches have openings called spiracles on their abdomen. Fresh air is drawn in through these openings and is directly used up by different organs.

Headless cockroaches would end up dying only because they do not have a mouth to drink water or eat foodstuffs. However, like most insects they do not require food on a daily basis. A cockroach can survive without food for weeks together and quietly lie in a given area. Death will occur when other animals eat it up or if microorganisms start growing on its surface.

Even heads without bodies have been proven to move around! These heads vigorously move their antennas proving that they do not require their respective bodies for movement. These tiny creatures have fascinated many and continue to amuse scientists until today.

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How Long Can A Cockroach Live Without A Head ?




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How Long Can A Cockroach Live Without A Head ? )
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