How Far Can A Grasshopper Jump ?  

Grasshoppers are famous for their jumping or hoping abilities. There are numerous species of grasshoppers found the world over. They are generally green in color and feed on leaves and other crops. Their bodies are demarcated into three main regions namely head, thorax and abdomen. They have six legs and two pairs of wings. A pair of antenna present on their heads helps in distinguishing short horned grasshoppers from the long horned ones. The short horned ones have shorter antennas and the long horned ones have longer antennas.

The females are bigger in size when compared to males. They have direct openings or pores found on their abdomen. These pores or spiracles help in respiration. They hold the leaves with their front legs and chew them sideways. The most interesting and unique feature of this creature is its ability to hop or jump from one place to another. Its agility and strength to cover huge distances has often enthralled wild life enthusiasts.

It has a set of powerful hind legs that are amazingly strong and highly elastic. Their jumping mechanism is similar to a bow and arrow mechanism. The tendons and muscles put up a combined performance helping the insect produce its best long jump. The grasshopper positions itself in such a way that it covers maximum ground in minimum time. The muscles present on the lower portion of the hind legs pull the tendons back, the knees are placed in position and the grasshopper is ready to launch itself up in the air. Muscles act like a trigger and straighten the legs just in time. It can jump up to a height of 20 times more than its length. That is, if a grasshopper is two inches long, it can jump a distance of 40 inches!

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How Far Can A Grasshopper Jump ?




How-High-Can-A-Grasshopper-Jump      Grasshopper is an amusing insect in many ways. It has never ceased to capture the attention of wild life enthusiasts and zoologists. It is green in color and has a pair of wings attached on either side. It uses its front legs to hold a leaf while eating. Its eyes are compound in nature. This means it can see multiple objects in multiple angles. Its hind legs have been studied extensively for their long jumping abilities. These powerful legs have muscles and tendons than can propel a grasshopper to heights, which no human can possibly imagine. More..




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How Far Can A Grasshopper Jump ? )
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