How Many Legs Does A Scorpion Have ?  

Scorpions, ticks and spiders belong to the family of Arachnida. There are more than a 1,000 different types of scorpions found the world over. They are believed to be living on for more than 400 million years now!

These creatures live just about anywhere. You will find them in forests, deserts, grasslands, rain forests, caves, oceans, ponds, seas and tropical and temperate regions of the world. There are black, brown, red or tan colored scorpions ranging in size from one to 21 cm. They have a lifespan of 25 years. These nocturnal creatures are carnivores. They use stinger on their tails to inject venom into their prey. They feed on insects and rodents. These species are cannibalistic and end up eating scorpions of the same or different species.

They have eight legs with tiny claws on each leg. They use large pedipalps to hold their prey and kill them. These are sharp pincer like structures and are one of the greatest defense weapons for a scorpion. They slowly inject their venom into the prey using their tails. The venom is neurotoxic and, therefore, acts directly on the nervous system. They paralyze the prey killing it in a short period of time. They are covered by a hard exoskeleton. These creatures have very poor eyesight. They make use of tiny little hairs present on their exoskeleton for sensing any type of obstacle or prey around. These hairs help the scorpion to detect any temperature fluctuations, presence of any warm or cold-blooded creatures around and to detect anything touching their bodies. They also have comb like sensors on the lower surface of their body.

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How Many Legs Does A Scorpion Have ?




What-Does-A-Scorpion-Bite-Look-Like      Scorpions are eight legged creatures and belong to Arachnida family. They can be three to eight inches long and have a characteristic curved tail. There are nearly 1,000 diffident species of scorpions found the world over. Nearly 70 species have been found in the US. They are concentrated in and around Florida. They generally live in cool places with a moist or damp soil. You will find them resting under rocks, stones, littered foliage, fallen tree trunks etc. In North America, only one species found in Arizona, New Mexico has been proven venomous leading to human deaths. These creatures are nocturnal. More..




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How Many Legs Does A Scorpion Have ? )
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