What Eats The Scorpion ?  

Scorpions often instill a sense of fear among people. While some find these multi legged hairy creatures absolutely gorgeous, others will cringe at the very thought of scorpions. These creatures are diverse in terms of color and size. Even though a few species have ten eyes, scorpions have poor eyesight.

There are nearly 2,000 different species of scorpions found the world over. It is a popular myth among many that all scorpions are poisonous. However, only 40 to 50 species are venomous. Their venom is quite deadly and can even kill the person if he/she does not get immediate anti venom. They are three to eight inches long and are popularly known for their curved tail. The tail has a stinger. The creatures’ venom is stored in this stinger.

They are nocturnal and venture out in search of food and water at nighttime. They like to hide under small enclosed places giving them a sense of security. What eats a scorpion? Well many species are cannibalistic. The older ones end up eating the younger ones. Generally, the females will end up eating the males after mating. Tityus species is one exception. Here the males end up eating the females.

Other predators include frogs, mammals, salamander, spiders, birds, insects, etc. These creatures catch the scorpion by its tail. They have already mastered the art of killing a scorpion without being stung in return. Other predators have developed immunity to the scorpions’ venom allowing them to eat their prey without having to worry about being killed.

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What Eats The Scorpion ?




How-Do-You-Treat-A-Scorpion-Bite      A scorpion uses its sting on its tail to inject venom inside the skin. Many people refer to this as a scorpion bite but this is a misnomer. A scorpion does not use its mouthparts to bite anyone. It intelligently uses its tail to sting people. Although people are paranoid about these creatures, only one species found in the whole of North America is poisonous! Kids, aged adults and people who have a history of severe allergic reactions to insects will exhibit life-threatening symptoms when stung by a venomous scorpion. More..




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What Eats The Scorpion ? )
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