What Does A Wolf Spider Bite Look Like

What Does A Wolf Spider Bite Look Like ?

Wolf spiders are venomous and poisonous. When a wolf spider bites, it causes pain, itching and swelling. For some people the symptoms exist only for a couple of hours but some take weeks to recover from the bite. Until the 1990s, any bite caused by the wolf spider was treated with anti-venom and later it was discontinued because doctors thought it was unnecessary. However, the bite should be treated promptly as it can carry infections. A survey conducted on wolf spider bites showed that the average time where a person suffers from acute pain of the wolf spider bite is about 10 minutes.


If you have been bitten by a wolf spider, then it must be a large specimen as smaller ones cannot penetrate the skin. The first reaction is you will experience an inflammation around the bite. There could be puncture wounds if the fangs of the spider have managed to pierce the skin. However, usually this is not the case. Many of the spider bites are not harmful and they feel like a pinprick. Many times, even a wolf spider's bite will go unnoticed on your child.

The common symptoms of a spider bite are redness, swelling, itching and pain. You will also see a small bite mark at the affected area. The spider bite is identical to a bee sting. Some children develop allergic reactions like hives and other allergic reactions. When a wolf spider bites a person, the site of the wound should never be covered or bandaged. Instead, place an ice pack immediately on the selling so that the person gets relief. Avoid all movement on the hand or the leg it has bitten. It is also important to see a doctor after preliminary care has been taken.

The wolf spider is dark brown in color and has bristles covering their entire body. They almost look like the tarantulas. There are different kinds of wolf spiders too. You can identify them by looking through the pictures. A wolf spider grows to an average size of 1.2 inches. This is their body size, but their legs make them look bigger than they are. These spiders stay alone and they like to hunt in solace. They have an ambush method to kill their prey and often are hiding near an exit of a burrow for example. Some spiders also chase their prey for a certain distance. The spiders have 8 eyes and they depend on them for seeing the prey. There are two large ones right on the top of the head and two smaller ones beneath that. The four smaller ones are on the sides.

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What Does A Wolf Spider Bite Look Like

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