Facts About Sea Monkeys  

Sea Monkeys are very fascinating shrimps. Their eggs are inactive are basically available in complete sets for anyone for easy raise. These eggs can be raised at homes as well as are very easy to be taken care of. They further provide the family with longer hours of amusement and education at the same time.

Sea Monkeys are known for providing a great process of introducing kids to fascinating world called life sciences. They also help let them understand the responsibility of taking care of their pets due to the fact that they are easy to raise as well as take care of.

Though the Sea Monkeys are very easy to raise as well as take care of, still in case one needs some help then there are various Sea Monkeys kits available which contain almost everything that one would need for starting things right away.

People often ask questions about Sea Monkeys are various other aspects associated with their living patterns. Given below are some very interesting facts that would help people acquire enough amount of information about these sea monkeys:

  • Sea Monkeys are known to breathe through the feet.
  • It is also a very popular fact that the Sea Monkey’s eggs have the capacity to survive for several years even without water.
  • Sea Monkeys are born with one eye, but they develop two more eyes afterwards. So, as a whole they have three eyes.
  • They are usually attracted to light thus can be taught tricks with flashlight.
  • They need feeding and water once in a week.

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Facts About Sea Monkeys




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