What Sound Does A Monkey Make ?  

Monkeys are generally found hanging on treetops. They are extremely easy to spot because of their characteristic screeching noises. These intelligent animals have been found to make a series of noises, each different from the other. This way, they keep the predators at bay. In some cases, these noises are also used for communicating with different species.

The Howler monkeys get their name from the typical howling sound they produce. These noises are extremely loud and can sometimes even sound like a dog howling. In other instances, these monkeys make a sound similar to that of a hurricane. They are credited as one of the loudest land animals on Earth. Other monkeys scream, screech and even hoot.

A study conducted by a group of research scientists from the University of St. Andrews led by Klaus Zuberbühler in the Ivory Coast discovered an extremely interesting and never found before monkey speech activity. They discovered that Campbell’s monkeys communicated with each other not just by making sounds but in fact grouping different sounds together to form a sentence. This ability to communicate by producing syntax was earlier found to a lone human ability. These monkeys have perfected six different types of calls to communicate with each other. These six different sounds are often grouped together differently each time to produce a different sentence each time. Listed below are a few sounds and their meanings:

  • Boom-boom: Monkeys call others to gather in an area
  • Boom boom krak-oo krak-oo krak-oo: They warn each other of falling timber or trees
  • Boom-booms, krak-oos and hok-oo: A combination of these sounds means that one group of monkeys is warning about another group near the vicinity.

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What Sound Does A Monkey Make





Where-Do-Monkeys-Live      Monkeys belong to the family of Primates. They are mammalian in origin and live in troops. Nearly 200 different monkey species have been discovered in the wild. They are found across Asia, Africa and Central and South America. A small population has been spotted in Australia and North America. While New World monkeys are found in parts of America, the Old World monkeys are found in Asia and Africa. Both these monkeys differ tremendously in terms of morphology. More..




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