What Is The Scientific Name For A Pig

What Is The Scientific Name For A Pig ?

The pig has been domesticated for centuries as a source of food. These pigs have very little hair covering their bodies, but there is one breed with hair that is domesticated too. This breed is known as Mangalitsa. The pig is a sub-species of the wild boar and its scientific name is Sus scrofa domesticus.

However, there are some biologists that consider the pig to be a completely different species from the wild boar and they have given it the scientific name of Sus domesticus. In this case, the wild boar is scientifically called Sus scrofa.

Based on historical records, man and wild boars have been associated from 13000 BC to 12700 BC. And, it is possible that is how the wild boar got domesticated. In fact, in some countries the domestic pig has escaped into the wild and turned feral. This feral pig has wreaked quite a lot of damage to the environment, as is seen in New Zealand.

Now that we know what is the scientific name for a pig, let us look at some of the facts related to the pig.

The first recorded domestication of pigs for food is by the Chinese about six thousand years ago. These pigs were domesticated from the Eurasian wild boar. In fact, based on the historical records, the pig is the first ever animal to be domesticated. A Spanish explorer by the name of Hernando de Soto gets the credit for introducing the pig into North America. He did this in the year 1539.

It is estimated that there about two billion domestic pigs all over the world, but there are just fifteen species of the domestic pig. The most well-known breed in America is the Duroc. This breed has a reddish-brown color. However, there are other breeds of pigs like the Chester White and Yorkshire which are white in color; and the Spotted Poland China, which is white in color with black spots.

Although pigs are not picky eaters, they are not gluttonous as many people believe. In fact, they only eat until their stomachs are full. Thereafter, they stop eating. An adult pig has the ability to drink around fourteen gallons of water in a single day.

An adult pig has forty-four teeth in total. The canines keep growing and get sharpened due to the upper and lower canines constantly rubbing against one another. These canines are known as tusks.

A female pig, known as a sow, will give birth seven to twelve piglets at one time. Usually the sow will have 2 litters each year. The gestation period for a female pig is around hundred and fourteen days.

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What Is The Scientific Name For A Pig