Types Of Rabbits

Types Of Rabbits

There are many breeders of rabbits who breed rabbits either through the process of selective breeding or via natural selection. Rabbits are available as pets and also for food consumption. Although there are many breeds of rabbits, the following types of rabbits are the ones that are acknowledged by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Types of Rabbits:

The American breed of rabbits are subdivided into American fuzzy lop and American sable. The American fuzzy lop is the breed that has the gene for wool, and the ears of this type of rabbit are lopped. The American sable gets its name from its sable-colored fur which can be of different shades.

The Angora breed is believed to have its origins in Ankara, Turkey. This breed is known for its long fur which is used to make numerous pieces of clothing. The wool is removed either by shearing or plucking. The Angora breed is subdivided into the English Angora, French Angora and Satin Angora based on the fur and undercoat of the rabbits.

Beveran is considered to be oldest rabbit of the fur type. In addition, it is also the largest breed. The color of the fur can range from blue to white to black to lilac to brown.

The Blue of Ham became extinct in the 1960s. However, in Belgium a breeder was able to produce this popular breed using the offsprings of the Blue of Ham that he had. It is quite possible that this breed will once again become popular among rabbit owners.

Other types of rabbits include Britannia Petite, American Chinchilla, Dutch, Himalayan, Lionhead and English Spot. Some of these breeds are reared for meat, while others are bred as future pets.

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Types Of Rabbits