What Is A Female Rabbit Called ?

What Is A Female Rabbit Called ?

Rabbits make wonderful pets if you are in the market for a pet. One of the best places to get pet rabbits is local animal shelter. However, you can also purchase a rabbit from a pet store if the animal shelter does not have one. Also, many rescue groups are devoted to saving rabbits, and you can easily adopt one from them.

The thing about getting rabbits from animal shelters and rescue group is that the animals will be spayed. So, you do not have to worry about having too many rabbits, as they are prolific breeders and can grow in numbers rather quickly. Also, by adopting a rabbit, you will be giving it a home and giving a helpless animal security and wonderful life.

Before you decide to adopt or purchase a rabbit, make sure that you get a healthy one. If you are interested in breeding, then you should know the gender of the rabbit. Also, make sure that you have sufficient females in comparison to males if you intend to get into breeding rabbits.

In case you did not know, a female rabbit is known as a doe, while a male rabbit is referred to as a buck. A baby rabbit is called a kitten or kit. Sounds strange, but this is the correct form of calling a male, female or baby rabbit. So, the next time someone says that they have rabbits and have several does and bucks, you will immediately know what they are talking about and not appear clueless.

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What Is A Female Rabbit Called