What Is The Difference Between A Rabbit And A Hare ?

What Is The Difference Between A Rabbit And A Hare ?

Many people think that a rabbit and hare is one and the same animal. This is primarily due to folklores. However, there is a difference between a rabbit and a hare. Both belong to different genera and in the wild, you will never find them breeding with each other.

Rabbits and hares are not rodents. They belong to Lagomorpha order and are quite distinct from rodents. Rabbits are domesticated, while hares have not been. Although both rabbits and hares are found in the wild, it is rabbits that are kept as pets or food source and not hares.

Rabbits and hares also have different appearances. Hares have bigger than rabbits, appear more sleek and wiry, have bigger hind legs and feet, and also have bigger ears that stand straight up.

Another difference between rabbits and hares is the way they behave and live. At birth, rabbits are blind, without hair and completely helpless. On the other hand, hares are born with hair, they can see and can look after themselves very early in life. This difference could be because hares are born in depressions that are shallow or in nests that on the ground, while rabbits are born underground in burrows. Rabbits tend to live in social groups, while hares either live alone or are found in pairs.

As you can see that there are differences between hares and rabbits although both animals are considered to be associated with mystery and fertility. You should not believe that they are one and the same animal because they are not.

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What Is The Difference Between A Rabbit And A Hare