Where Do Wild Rabbits Live ?

Where Do Wild Rabbits Live ?

Rabbits are often mistaken for rodents. However, they are not. They are from the order of Lagomorpha and family of Leporidae. Rabbits are usually nocturnal in nature and come out mostly at nights to forage on grass, vegetation and herbs. They live close to their food source in colonies. They have highly developed scent of smell and hearing.

Wild rabbits are found everywhere from Africa to Asia to North America and Europe. These wild rabbits live in a warren, which is network of tunnels. Wild rabbits can be found living in grasslands, meadows, fields, woods, hillsides, banks of rivers and also gardens. Usually a warren starts out as a hole or burrow dug by a gopher, badgers and skunks. After the other animals abandon their burrows, the rabbits take them over. They use their strong hind legs to further excavate the burrows to found a network of tunnels. The warren will have many entry and exit points.

When a doe litters, she will dig a special burrow for the kittens a little away from the warren. The doe lines the burrow with her own fur, and this where the kittens grow up until they are old enough to fend for themselves. When the doe goes out of the burrow, she will plug the entrance with earth.

Today, the rabbit is a popular pet, but they do require a lot of attention and care as they are extremely social animals. A pet rabbit can be taught its name and a few tricks. However, in some parts of the US, many people adopt wild rabbits that regularly visit their gardens. These wild rabbits are fed vegetables and pellets that homeowners keep out for them.

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Where Do Wild Rabbits Live