Tips On Taking Care Of Rabbits  

It is estimated that around 12 million rabbits are reared each year in the US, and this number increases significantly during Easter when many parents buy rabbits for their kids. Rabbits make wonderful pets and with proper handling and care, they can become friendly and social. Also, rabbits can be taught their names and certain simple commands.More...

Types Of Rabbits

Types Of Rabbits

There are many breeders of rabbits who breed rabbits either through the process of selective breeding or via natural selection. Rabbits are available as pets and also for food consumption. Although there are many breeds of rabbits, the following types of rabbits are the ones that are acknowledged by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.More...


What Kind Of Food Do Wild Rabbits Eat ?

What Kind Of Food Do Wild Rabbits Eat

As the urban area is spreading, it has become more common to see wild rabbits living in small cities and towns. In fact, because of this, many people end up adopting wild rabbits and taming them into pets. That is why it is important to know What Kind Of Food Do Wild Rabbits Eat ?, so that you can keep your garden safe and ensure these wild rabbits get what they love.More...


Where Do Wild Rabbits Live ?

Where Do Wild Rabbits Live

Rabbits are often mistaken for rodents. However, they are not. They are from the order of Lagomorpha and family of Leporidae. Rabbits are usually nocturnal in nature and come out mostly at nights to forage on grass, vegetation and herbs. They live close to their food source in colonies. They have highly developed scent of smell and hearing.More...


What Is A Male Rabbit Called ?

What Is A Male Rabbit Called

If you are looking for a pet to add into your household, you should think about getting a rabbit. Many people do not know that rabbits actually make wonderful pets. Not only are the playful and bundles of energy, they can also be taught their names and some simple commands.More...


What Is The Difference Between A Rabbit And A Hare ?

What Is The Difference Between A Rabbit And A Hare

Many people think that a rabbit and hare is one and the same animal. This is primarily due to folklores. However, there is a difference between a rabbit and a hare. Both belong to different genera and in the wild, you will never find them breeding with each other.More...


How Long Do Rabbits Live ?

How Long Do Rabbits Live

Today, nearly every child wants to have a rabbit as a pet, especially after reading the children's books about rabbits. Many parents do not want to get their children rabbits as they are not aware of the lifespan of these cute animals and do not want to expose their children to grief and sorrow at a young age.More...


Plans For Building Rabbit Cages

Plans For Building Rabbit Cages

If you are planning on getting rabbits as pets, then you require rabbit cages. It goes without saying that if you build your own rabbit cage, it will be more durable than one purchased readymade from a pet store. Also, nowadays rabbit cages are made from plastic and you may never know how toxic the material can be to your pets.More...


Rabbit Facts For Kids

Rabbit Facts For Kids

Kids love rabbits because from a young age they are read stories about rabbits. However, you can enhance the knowledge of your kids beyond what is available in storybooks. Here are some rabbit facts for kids that all children would love to know.More...


Interesting Facts About Rabbits

Interesting Facts About Rabbits

Although people have a general idea about rabbits, majority of them do not know the facts about rabbits. So, here are some interesting facts about rabbits that are bound to surprise you.More...





Worlds-Largest-Rabbit      The world's largest rabbit is the German gray giant. This breed of rabbit weighs well over 23 pounds and is huge. However, as per the official records, the largest rabbit in the world is called Humphrey. This rabbit is a French lop eared rabbit. More..




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