Largest Alligator Ever Recorded  

Generally, alligators are located in southeastern US, but they are also found in coastal regions of North as well as South Carolina, southern Arkansas, Louisiana, eastern Texas and Florida. They inhabit fresh water bodies, but typically grow to a length of thirteen feet. However, there have been reports of alligators growing longer than this. The largest alligator ever recorded was nineteen feet and two inches in length.

This massive alligator was found in Marsh Islands located in the state of Louisiana in the year 1890. This alligator was the American alligator, which is also known as gator. Generally, gators are found in the southern US. (See Reference 1)

Under normal circumstances, American alligators attain lengths of fourteen to seventeen feet where males are concerned, while females grow to a length of around nine to eleven feet. (See Reference 1)

However, till today, no one has been able to verify the veracity of the 19-foot alligator found on Marsh Island. Hence, this claim is often disputed. One alligator found in the state of Florida was measured to be seventeen feet and five inches in length. Therefore, many people claim that this alligator is the largest alligator ever recorded and not the one from Marsh Islands. (See Reference 1)

For most people, an alligator is an alligator regardless of its size. They fear these reptiles. But the fact remains that generally alligators are not known to attack humans unless provoked. Hence, even the largest alligator ever recorded will not pose a direct threat to humans. (See Reference 1)

Coming to an interesting part about the largest alligator ever recorded. How would you feel if you were informed that there is a 200 foot long alligator in whose mouth people can take shelter when it is raining? Frightening? Well, just to put you at ease, this alligator is not a real one. It is located in Titusville in Florida and is a major attraction in the town. It is a doorway to Indian villages, animal show and shops that sell frozen alligator meat. This alligator is called Swampy and poses no danger to anyone. (See Reference 1)

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Largest Alligator Ever Recorded


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